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The Internet is Expanding

Today, there are just 22 Generic Top Level Domains (TLDs), such as .COM and .NET, to choose from when buying a domain name. As early as 2014, that number may increase to over 300, including new TLDs like .shop, .web and .vegas.

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The best domain names in exciting TLDs like the .shop TLD will go fast.  Pre-order your domain name today to get the best domain name for your website.  Pre-registration is free and non-binding.

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November 24


December 1


December 2


December 5


*Pre-register for upcoming TLDs or buy domains in TLDs that have already launched like .xyz, .Berlin and .club.

Top Ten TLDs

10/8/2014 - The Top Ten best-selling TLDs are..

Featured TLD: .city

10/7/2014 - This week's featured TLD is the .city TLD.

2 TLDs Launch This Week

10/13/2014 - 2 new TLDs launch this week: .Okinawa and .Soy Confirm your pre-registration today!

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