Marketing Strategies for New TLDs

The best Marketing campaigns do not happen overnight, so if your company wants to make a splash in one of the new Top Level Domains, it’s time to start planning now. Here are a few of the ways that new Top Level Domains can be used in your online Marketing strategies.

Communication: .NEWS, .BLOG, .NOW

New Top Level Domains such as .NOW, .NEWS, and .BLOG offer opportunities to improve external communications with various stakeholder groups.

Imagine BerkshireHathaway.News
What’s in a name? Everything! A domain name within the .NEWS Top Level Domain can help you bring together your organizations’ external communication strategy in one url that is easy to, well communicate, to your target audience. With a domain name in the .NEWS Top Level Domain, analysts, customers, and the general public can easily find information about YOU.

But wait! There’s more. Google has announced its intention of using the Top Level Domain in its internal scoring system to determine whether a given website matches a user’s search. In English, this means that domain names within the .NEWS Top Level Domain could be ranked higher for news related search terms than domain names outside of the .NEWS Top Level Domain, all things being equal.

But before you rush to transfer all of your content to a .NEWS domain name, remember that there are many factors that are taken into account in Google’s search algorithm, so if you already have a well ranked news page, keep in mind that time and external linking to your news page are also factors that should be considered before you jump ship to a .NEWS domain name.

What about Target.Now
For a more edgy take on the news, choose a .NOW domain name for your company’s product news, press releases, and other content. A .NOW domain name can be used to present information about all of the activities of an organization; for example, charitable efforts or events, press releases or other company happenings could be disseminated via a domain name in the .NOW Top Level Domain.

A domain name in the .BLOG Top Level Domain can help organizations streamline the naming conventions used for their various web efforts.

We know, we know… you already have a very popular blog at supercalifragilisticexpialidocious .com. Take a quick gander at your web traffic reports. Do you SEE all those referrals from your corporate website? I’ve got news for you. They’re not all first time visitors. Admit it. You’ve gone to your own corporate website to get to your company’s blog. YOU can’t remember the blog’s name, and neither can your customers.

How much cooler would it be if you had blog at CompanyName.Blog, a news site at CompanyName.News, and your main page at CompanyName.web? Everything could have the same look and feel as it does today. Your site could still function as a cohesive whole. It would just be… better, and more than that, easier to use. To put that in Marketing speak, using the Top Level Domain as the content identifier offers organizations the opportunity to simplify and streamline the naming conventions used across all web media for a cleaner and better organized user experience. --- .WOW. What a mouthful.

Branding: .WEB, .SITE, .COOL

New Top Level Domains such as .WEB, .SITE, .DOT and .COOL offer new and innovative ways to brand an organization’s domain name in ways never possible before. Up until the present time, organizations were not able to obtain fully brand able domain names. The portion of the domain name to the right of the dot has, in the past, offered few choices for differentiation. However, beginning as early as 2014, the possibilities for branding organization websites are limitless. Does your corporation want to be edgy? Well, just using a new Top Level Domain - at all - will be considered edgy for the first year. Techy? Get a domain name in the .Tech Top Level Domain. Whatever a company’s branding goals, chances are, there is a Top Level Domain for them.

The exact influence on branding that each Top Level Domain will have will depend a lot on how each Top Level Domain is marketed to the general public as well as the dollars that are put behind any Marketing efforts. Here are a few of the best TLDs for general business websites.

.WEB… the new .COM
It is unknown at this time how the future operator of a .WEB Top Level Domain might position the .WEB Registry. Will they Market .WEB as a replacement for .COM? Probably. Will they Market.WEB as old fashioned? Probably not. How successful and impactful will .WEB’s Marketing efforts be? It’s too early to tell. Still, it’s a good bet that .WEB will be one of the most sought after Top Level Domains in this application round. A quick glance at pre-registration figures at shows that .WEB is the most popular new Top Level Domain in terms of total number of pre-registrations. If you are looking for a new, but popular, Top Level Domain for your corporate presence, the .WEB Top Level Domain is for you.

See it in .SITE
The .SITE Top Level Domain is one of the most popular Top Level Domains, in terms of the number of pre-registrations on The word “site" also has a more general meaning than the word “web" and can be used for websites about construction, travel, or recreation. The .SITE Top Level Domain, like .WEB, could be positioned as forward-looking and trendy, and can help position your organization as tech-savy and innovational.

Keep Your .COOL
The .COOL Top Level Domain really says it all. A domain name in the .COOL Top Level Domain is appropriate across a host of product lines; from the IPad to the latest in fashion, domain names in the .COOL Top Level Domain can be used to appeal to a wide target audience.

New Product Launches: .BUZZ, .CLICK, .NEW

New Top Level Domains such as .BUZZ, .CLICK, and .NEW offer unique opportunities to create memorable domain names for new product launches.

Generate Buzz in .BUZZ
The .BUZZ Top Level Domain is ideal for new product launches, Marketing campaigns, and anything with a lot of, well, BUZZ. Like a .COM domain name, .BUZZ domain names will be globally accessible and, once purchased, will provide the same array of services that are available to .COM domain names. How would you like to send out an email to your target market from JaneDoe@Product.Buzz? Or build a sweepstakes website at Product.Buzz?

Click to view in .CLICK
The .CLICK Top Level Domain is memorable, and let’s face it; it’s cute. According to a Whitepaper published by Google, 40% of people prefer to research online, but purchase offline. (Influencing Offline; The New Digital Frontier. December 2011. Google, Inc.) A domain name within .CLICK Top Level Domain can be used to encourage that online research in order to facilitate offline purchases.

The .NEW domain name is ideal for product re-launches. The newest pans, totes, or kitchen gadgets; the latest technology; the newest ipad or the latest Kindle; all types of products are services can be marketed with a domain name in .NEW.

The Next Generation of Marketing

New Top Level Domains offer tremendous potential in terms of Marketing opportunities for products and services of all types. It’s time to start thinking now about how your organization can use new Top Level Domains in your communication, branding and new product launch strategies.

To help prepare for the next generation in online Marketing, offers news and pre-registration services for domain names within new Top Level Domains such as .BUY, .SHOP, .WEB, .SITE and more. You can’t buy domain names within new Top Level Domains yet; but you can pre-register for them at


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