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Consumer clubs, nightclubs, social clubs…. they are all welcome in .CLUB. The best thing about the introduction of new Top Level Domains is the availability of fresh domain names. If you have been unable to purchase the domain name that you want for your club, then find it in .CLUB.

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    When you pre-register for a domain name, it’s like adding it to a shopping list. Inc. will keep your shopping list for you until pricing for each top level domain is announced to the public. At that time, Inc. will email you and ask you to confirm your pre-registration request and provide payment in advance for every domain that you have pre-registered. Inc. will put in a purchase request on your behalf as soon as domain name sales begin. Inc. will refund the purchase price of any domains that do not result in an actual Registration.

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The following companies applied to create the .Club Top Level Domain
Applicant URL
Koko Manor, LLC
Merchant Law Group LLP

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Dot Okinawa and Dot Soy

October 13, 2014 - The .Okinawa and .Soy TLDs are scheduled to go to General Availability this week.

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Many of the country’s leading brands have applied to create their own Top Level Domains. Companies like Jaguar Cars Limited (.JAGUAR), Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. (.WALMART) and Statoil ASA (.STATOIL).

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